Work Wear 

Being the dreamer that I am, I’ve often pictured what I’m going to wear at my first professional job. Plus I’ve always been fascinated with putting something so polished together. I think that the clothes you choose – especially for this occasion – say a lot about you. 

So below I’ve compiled some of my favorite work/office/professional outfits, along with a bonus hair & makeup idea! Enjoy & happy working! 👩🏻‍💻💼

Black & White 

It all depends on your office’s work code. So if you need to be more suit-like or business professional, then a pantsuit or blazer and trouser pant would work best. If you can have a little leeway, then I’d try out a skirt or an embellished blouse. Keeping the colors black and white help the outfit look put together and not distracting. Plus it’s classic for a reason. 


I’m talking tan or brown, gold and bronze. Even gray or a super dark navy could qualify here. But pairing say, a black pant with a tan jacket or pinstriped shirt (like you see above) can take your look up a notch thanks to the pattern/texture. Still appropriate for the office, just a little bit cooler. 

Pops of color 

I’d save the pops of brighter color (or busier patterns) for an office that’s more creative or casual. But if you’re allowed to incorporate color into your office wardrobe, then I’d say go for it. It’s a great way to stand out, sport a signature style and showcase your personality. Red is often seen as a power color, while floral is very feminine and pretty. I myself may throw in some turquoise or an animal print, but that’s just me. 💁🏻😅

Hair and Makeup Idea 

•Stick to neutrals with makeup. Browns, tans, champagnes or golds. Or try a soft liner on the upper lashline for definition. Mascara and blush to finish. 

•Hair looks best when it’s polished. Try a low bun or a half up half down ‘do. A ponytail, higher or lower set always works. Be sure to set any updo with hairspray so it’ll stay all day. 

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” -Coco Chanel 

*images courtesy: Pinterest* 


It was sunsets that 

taught me that beauty 

sometimes only lasts 

for a couple of moments, 

and it was sunrises that 

showed me that all it 

takes is patience to 

experience it all over 


– A.J. Lawless, “Patience”

As I woke up this morning, I looked out at the sun, shining ever so brightly through my window. 

The curtains never fully closed last night. Nothing is ever really fully closed off, if you think about it. Not people, that’s for sure. You can hide all you want, but what you’re really wanting is to be found.  

Even though you’re engulfed by darkness, what you really crave is the light. 

And what I’ve noticed, at least about myself is: the more I push away, the more what I’m really trying to say is “I need [you] [this] [whatever it is]” 

And the further I fell away from what I love, the more I wanted it back. The more distant I grew from myself, the closer I wanted to hold it to my heart. 

Because it hurts to lose yourself. The pain is unbearable when you’re hurting. And it’s my own fault mostly…you know, I choose these things and keep going back around to my vices. Those demons haunt me, like ghosts of who I was. 

But I’ve also noticed that I have a choice in those pivotal moments. And in the past I’ve chosen to let myself succumb to the pressures. And I’ve given into my bad habits. 

But what if I too, acted like a sunset. Where I was able to stop myself from losing the beauty, or at least, try and preserve those good moments? 

Or a sunrise is perhaps a better metaphor. For I want to get that beauty back even after it’s faded. Because much like the sunset, the day does end and time does go on. And I can put those mistakes or bad thoughts away and let them pass through me like waves. 

I can let them wash over me and not drown. Instead tread the waters of my mind. And let myself learn something from it all. 

Then once the morning comes, much like the sunrise, I can see the beauty all over again. The light. The positivity. 

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 

We fall, we rise, we repeat. We do this continually, just like the sun continues to set and rise again each morning. 

And I think I like that idea a lot. ✨

Lights & Colors 

“I love it. I hate it. And I can’t take it.” -Back to You, by Louis Tomilinson ft. Bebe Rexha 

I’m penning this post as we’re driving home from Sarasota. We had a night out, seeing a movie and going to dinner. It’s at these later moments of the night that my mind starts to wander off.

It wanders to the bright lights, the vivid colors, all blending together like some sort of watercolor. And it amazes me to see how these little things affect me. Much like I wish that the water would absorb into my very pores, I want to feel everything so intensely. I want to feel the heat, the cool, the in between. 
I want it to burn me. To feel like ice in my veins. I want those types of feelings, the kind that shake you and make you gasp. Those are the ones that leave a mark. That change you. 
Maybe I’m expecting too much from my surroundings or from myself, but are we really surprised? I’m not. I’ve always been one to aim high, too high for my own good. 
But that’s just because it’s easier to escape into something you imagine then deal with what’s real and right in front of you. It’s easy to be mesmerized; not so much to be stuck in more of the same. 
I think that’s why I love vacation(s) so much. It’s a chance to break out, to be free of the usual. The routines are stripped away and replaced with adventure. The stress melts away the second I hit that water. At least that’s what I’d like to believe.

 “One sip. One hit. One kiss. (bad for me). But I give in so easily.” -Weak by AJR 

  Because I remember those little moments where everything seems so clear. Like what I love and what I do. I loved the sunset over lido beach last night. And I loved being able to sink my feet into the sand, walking around and soaking up the sun. 

The ocean so blue, the heat so fierce. That’s all I focus in on. I don’t think of the insecurities, the worries, nothing else. Just the warmth and the happiness. But I don’t know if it fades or if the facade does. I sometimes don’t know if the happiness is real or not. 
If it’s not real, then it’s fake for my own sake. Like a mask I wear or a game I play. To see how long I can keep it up. It can be exciting, but only for so long. Then it becomes a dangerously thin line between who I am out here and who I am when the time comes to go home. Because vacations end, and maybe the lies will too. 


Your love comes in like violence, stays for a while then leaves with the silence. 

I want this pain to go away. To be erased. To be forgotten, long gone from my memory. 

But life doesn’t work like that: you can’t just erase the past or forget about people and all the things you’ve done. 

It’s just easier to pretend it doesn’t hurt 

Or that your heart doesn’t ache 

Because then your blood doesn’t feel like its boiling 

Hot, searing, red 

And your head doesn’t feel like it’s pounding 

Thump, thump like a heartbeat 

And you don’t feel like you’re losing control, losing it all 

I want to be happier, I really do. But demons are difficult to deal with instead of escape from. 

And it’s tricky to know if where you stand is somewhere safe and stable or if it’ll just crack again

Much like your heart does after all the hurt

Or your body does after all the pain 

You did this to yourself though, and I think that’s what hurts the most. 

That you can’t admit that you’ve messed up. Or that you don’t know if you really want to fix it. 

Because life isn’t a movie, there’s no rolling credits where you can just wrap it all up. And it’s not like tv where everything will be back to normal after a day.

No, healing… healing takes time. 

And picking up the pieces of yourself isn’t easy. 

But the medicine will work. You know this because you’ve been down this road before. 

You know the depths of this darkness and you know how much light there can be. 

You just have to let it pour into your brokenness. And feel these shifts of mood and changes in time. 

Because all of it means something. Even the things you’d rather forget. 

Don’t know what I want but I know what I don’t. 

You cannot change what happened. You know this, time and time again. 

You know you are stronger than the waves trying to pull you under. You know you can be more than what your demons intice. 

You are only human. But a good one at  that. 

Vacation Vibes 

I’m going to be leaving for Florida in a couple of days for vacation & I couldn’t be more excited (and nervous!) — but I really do want this to be a relaxing and fun time for me this summer. I usually end up stressing out way too much over things not going how I planned or get annoyed at the little things; but I’m gonna really try to not let those kinds of things wreck my time I have in the Sunshine State. 

The plan is to go to Tampa for the majority of it and spend time w/family; then spend a day or two down at our condo (also some time w/family, but mostly just my mom, sister & I). We’re driving there & back, so there’s a total of 4 days…ugh. Not my favorite part. 🙃 but to help combat the boredom I may face, I’ve come up with some ideas & I figured why not share any other tips & tricks while I’m at it, right? 

I’m so thrilled to be hanging out by the beach and the pool for a couple weeks; not to mention getting a tan and soaking up the pretty palms. The only thing that’s making me nervous is all the food-related challenges I may face. But I have a plan in place and I just have to remind myself to be realistic — it doesn’t have to be all perfect or all a downward spiral either. There can be a bit of in-between. Middle ground, I guess. 

So I’m going to follow my meal plan to the best of my abilities, and also make sure I bring snacks for the car ride(s). And I’m also going to have my nook, a book and a few summer-related magazines, along with a coloring book (it’s actually very therapeutic)! 

I’ve also been looking up inspiration for hair, makeup, outfit and just overall “summer vibes” kind of looks so I can get a feel for what products I want to pack and clothes I want to wear. 

Obviously I know I don’t look like those girls, but I do like how they all have kind of curly/wavy hair, light, bronze makeup and/or that sort of fresh faced, “just got off the beach” look. I also love how casually or like easy their style choices are. Like dresses, sandals, swimwear and tanks? I’m totally for that! Easy to pack and very versatile. 

I’m also wanting to keep sort of busy, but in a fun way – because I know if I get too bored then it just gives my mind more time to stress out or send out negativity. And I so don’t need that on my vacation, you know what I mean? So I’m thinking besides trying all the yummy food, I also want to swim a lot, walk on the beach or around the palm studded sidewalks, and maybe even do some yoga (or even just remembering to breathe more). 

My hope is that I will come back from this vacation refreshed and happy, instead of ‘blah.’ I know in order for my mood to change, I have to change my behaviors/thoughts. I know it’s not going to be a picture-perfect trip, but I’m going to make the best of it because it’s one of the places that makes me the happiest. ☺️☀️🌴💦🌊 See you soon, Florida!

*first set of images credited to: @cosmopolitan, @findyourcalifornia & @summer on Instagram; second set credited to: @selenagomez, @stella218, @smlxo & @meganparken on Instagram; third & final set credited to: @selenagomez, @shaymitchell, @jessicatylerofficial & @findyourcalifornia; image of burger & fries: my own. No other images are mine, as has been stated above*

Dear everyBODY… 

YES TO ALL OF THIS. just read it. ❣️

Jessica Tyler


Growing up, I always wanted boobs. It seemed that girls were expected to have big, perky boobs or else they weren’t considered hot. This I thought was true because all through elementary school I was bullied for being “flat” (a.k.a I had negative boobs until about grade 11).Eventually, my body decided to give in and grow up (I was definition “late-bloomer”). I have since become blessed with a voluptuous bra size, thanks mom! (#TMI). So there I was, feeling all hot with my cleavage, when BAM – Kim Kardashian.

Suddenly the focus went from the upper half of my body, to the lower half. Long gone were the days of being the hot girl because you had big boobs – it was now all about “dat’ ass.” Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Jen Selter,Nicki Minaj, pretty much any Instagram model, and how could we forget about all the twerking… the twerking!!…

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Makeup (& Hair) Moodboards

A lot of times, we pick out our makeup look depending on how we’re feeling that day. I know for me anyway, my makeup is usually intertwined with mood — mostly because it’s a form of self expression…you’re expressing your feelings on the outside, you know? Hope that makes sense. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share some really pretty makeup looks I’ve been loving lately. I’ve been really wanting to figure out how to get that glowy, fresher look instead of super heavy makeup. I’ve been guilty of packing on the product when I didn’t really need it, so I’m using these pictures as inspiration. Maybe they’ll inspire you too! (: 

First up is Danielle Campbell. She’s an actress, probably best known for her Disney Channel movie StarStruck or for her role on the CW’s Originals. Anyway, she’s usually rocking a more natural look when it comes to both her makeup & hair, and since we’re just about the same age, I figured what better place to start? 

Next up is one of my all time favorite celebrities, Selena Gomez. She’s always switching up her look, but one things for sure is that it never seems overdone. I picked a few that also show how a good skincare routine can help you get glowing too. That’s something else I’ve gotta get better at, taking care of my skin. Also, can we talk about how cool her hairstyles are? Talk about goals. Perfect inspiration for summer! Braids or a nice blowout & you’re good to go! Easy, right? 

I’ve recently been watching Gossip Girl and I seriously can’t get over how gorgeous Blake Lively is. Even with messy hair and smudged makeup, the girl looks flawless on the show. But above I’ve captured a couple red carpet looks from more current days…still proving she slays. I mean, there’s a little pop on the eyes or lips, but it’s natural…like an ivory shimmer to brighten or a pink lip/cheek stain to add a bit of a flush. Super simple and proves that strategically placed products can really elevate your look. Definitely gonna take more time blending! 

VS model Taylor Hill makes a good case for Day to night makeup. She’s usually bare faced in her Instagrams, which I think is so cool; but then she shows that a little bit of makeup goes  a long way. See how her liner pops on her eyes when all the rest of the makeup is subtle? Genius. 

From top-bottom in order: Shay Mitchell, Mischa Barton, Bella Thorne, Hayden Panettiere & Danielle Campbell. What I love about these looks is their versatility. You’ve got Shay rocking a deep lip, perfect for fall…yet she’s rocking it in August. And Mischa Barton shows the power of shimmer on the eyes AND cheeks without looking like a disco ball. Bella Thorne showcases sheer color on the lips and cheeks with a little bit of liner. Hayden’s look screams glowy and Danielle’s is perfect for a summer night, especially with that pretty fishtail braid. Yet you could rock any of these looks Day or night and not feel too made up, which I like a lot. 

Top to bottom in order: Selena Gomez, Lauren Conrad, Victoria Justice, Ashley Benson, Leighton Meester, Lucy Hale & Hayden Panettiere. What I love about these looks is what they have in common: they’re perfect for summer. Glowing skin, peachy cheeks, bronzer, or a pop of color on the lips all add up to a fun look for these summer moments. All of these trends are easy to rock, and who doesn’t love a good dose of bronzer, nude lip and a little shimmer? ✨

I’m also going to link some of my favorite Youtuve makeup tutorials for anyone who wants to watch how to get these looks! 

  1. Go to longwearing summer makeup 
  2. Getting ready: night out 
  3. Bronze smokey eye 
  4. Minimal eyes, bold lips
  5. Glowing skin, overall fresh look

Alright, that’s it! Hope you enjoyed!