Vacation Vibes 

I’m going to be leaving for Florida in a couple of days for vacation & I couldn’t be more excited (and nervous!) — but I really do want this to be a relaxing and fun time for me this summer. I usually end up stressing out way too much over things not going how I planned or get annoyed at the little things; but I’m gonna really try to not let those kinds of things wreck my time I have in the Sunshine State. 

The plan is to go to Tampa for the majority of it and spend time w/family; then spend a day or two down at our condo (also some time w/family, but mostly just my mom, sister & I). We’re driving there & back, so there’s a total of 4 days…ugh. Not my favorite part. 🙃 but to help combat the boredom I may face, I’ve come up with some ideas & I figured why not share any other tips & tricks while I’m at it, right? 

I’m so thrilled to be hanging out by the beach and the pool for a couple weeks; not to mention getting a tan and soaking up the pretty palms. The only thing that’s making me nervous is all the food-related challenges I may face. But I have a plan in place and I just have to remind myself to be realistic — it doesn’t have to be all perfect or all a downward spiral either. There can be a bit of in-between. Middle ground, I guess. 

So I’m going to follow my meal plan to the best of my abilities, and also make sure I bring snacks for the car ride(s). And I’m also going to have my nook, a book and a few summer-related magazines, along with a coloring book (it’s actually very therapeutic)! 

I’ve also been looking up inspiration for hair, makeup, outfit and just overall “summer vibes” kind of looks so I can get a feel for what products I want to pack and clothes I want to wear. 

Obviously I know I don’t look like those girls, but I do like how they all have kind of curly/wavy hair, light, bronze makeup and/or that sort of fresh faced, “just got off the beach” look. I also love how casually or like easy their style choices are. Like dresses, sandals, swimwear and tanks? I’m totally for that! Easy to pack and very versatile. 

I’m also wanting to keep sort of busy, but in a fun way – because I know if I get too bored then it just gives my mind more time to stress out or send out negativity. And I so don’t need that on my vacation, you know what I mean? So I’m thinking besides trying all the yummy food, I also want to swim a lot, walk on the beach or around the palm studded sidewalks, and maybe even do some yoga (or even just remembering to breathe more). 

My hope is that I will come back from this vacation refreshed and happy, instead of ‘blah.’ I know in order for my mood to change, I have to change my behaviors/thoughts. I know it’s not going to be a picture-perfect trip, but I’m going to make the best of it because it’s one of the places that makes me the happiest. ☺️☀️🌴💦🌊 See you soon, Florida!

*first set of images credited to: @cosmopolitan, @findyourcalifornia & @summer on Instagram; second set credited to: @selenagomez, @stella218, @smlxo & @meganparken on Instagram; third & final set credited to: @selenagomez, @shaymitchell, @jessicatylerofficial & @findyourcalifornia; image of burger & fries: my own. No other images are mine, as has been stated above*


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