Dear everyBODY… 

YES TO ALL OF THIS. just read it. ❣️

Jessica Tyler


Growing up, I always wanted boobs. It seemed that girls were expected to have big, perky boobs or else they weren’t considered hot. This I thought was true because all through elementary school I was bullied for being “flat” (a.k.a I had negative boobs until about grade 11).Eventually, my body decided to give in and grow up (I was definition “late-bloomer”). I have since become blessed with a voluptuous bra size, thanks mom! (#TMI). So there I was, feeling all hot with my cleavage, when BAM – Kim Kardashian.

Suddenly the focus went from the upper half of my body, to the lower half. Long gone were the days of being the hot girl because you had big boobs – it was now all about “dat’ ass.” Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Jen Selter,Nicki Minaj, pretty much any Instagram model, and how could we forget about all the twerking… the twerking!!…

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