Makeup (& Hair) Moodboards

A lot of times, we pick out our makeup look depending on how we’re feeling that day. I know for me anyway, my makeup is usually intertwined with mood — mostly because it’s a form of self expression…you’re expressing your feelings on the outside, you know? Hope that makes sense. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share some really pretty makeup looks I’ve been loving lately. I’ve been really wanting to figure out how to get that glowy, fresher look instead of super heavy makeup. I’ve been guilty of packing on the product when I didn’t really need it, so I’m using these pictures as inspiration. Maybe they’ll inspire you too! (: 

First up is Danielle Campbell. She’s an actress, probably best known for her Disney Channel movie StarStruck or for her role on the CW’s Originals. Anyway, she’s usually rocking a more natural look when it comes to both her makeup & hair, and since we’re just about the same age, I figured what better place to start? 

Next up is one of my all time favorite celebrities, Selena Gomez. She’s always switching up her look, but one things for sure is that it never seems overdone. I picked a few that also show how a good skincare routine can help you get glowing too. That’s something else I’ve gotta get better at, taking care of my skin. Also, can we talk about how cool her hairstyles are? Talk about goals. Perfect inspiration for summer! Braids or a nice blowout & you’re good to go! Easy, right? 

I’ve recently been watching Gossip Girl and I seriously can’t get over how gorgeous Blake Lively is. Even with messy hair and smudged makeup, the girl looks flawless on the show. But above I’ve captured a couple red carpet looks from more current days…still proving she slays. I mean, there’s a little pop on the eyes or lips, but it’s natural…like an ivory shimmer to brighten or a pink lip/cheek stain to add a bit of a flush. Super simple and proves that strategically placed products can really elevate your look. Definitely gonna take more time blending! 

VS model Taylor Hill makes a good case for Day to night makeup. She’s usually bare faced in her Instagrams, which I think is so cool; but then she shows that a little bit of makeup goes  a long way. See how her liner pops on her eyes when all the rest of the makeup is subtle? Genius. 

From top-bottom in order: Shay Mitchell, Mischa Barton, Bella Thorne, Hayden Panettiere & Danielle Campbell. What I love about these looks is their versatility. You’ve got Shay rocking a deep lip, perfect for fall…yet she’s rocking it in August. And Mischa Barton shows the power of shimmer on the eyes AND cheeks without looking like a disco ball. Bella Thorne showcases sheer color on the lips and cheeks with a little bit of liner. Hayden’s look screams glowy and Danielle’s is perfect for a summer night, especially with that pretty fishtail braid. Yet you could rock any of these looks Day or night and not feel too made up, which I like a lot. 

Top to bottom in order: Selena Gomez, Lauren Conrad, Victoria Justice, Ashley Benson, Leighton Meester, Lucy Hale & Hayden Panettiere. What I love about these looks is what they have in common: they’re perfect for summer. Glowing skin, peachy cheeks, bronzer, or a pop of color on the lips all add up to a fun look for these summer moments. All of these trends are easy to rock, and who doesn’t love a good dose of bronzer, nude lip and a little shimmer? ✨

I’m also going to link some of my favorite Youtuve makeup tutorials for anyone who wants to watch how to get these looks! 

  1. Go to longwearing summer makeup 
  2. Getting ready: night out 
  3. Bronze smokey eye 
  4. Minimal eyes, bold lips
  5. Glowing skin, overall fresh look

Alright, that’s it! Hope you enjoyed! 


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